4M Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

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The 4m tooth fairy keepsake box is a fun arts and crafts project for keeping lost teeth safe. This kit includes two bags of plaster a tooth fairy mold set five paint pots and one paint brush. Certificates are included to mark the childs name and record the date that the tooth was lost.

  • Create works of art, attach them to tiles and apply magnets to hang them on any metal surface
  • This magnetic tile art set includes tiles, magnets, a paint strip and brush
  • Tiles make ideal fridge art, or can be safely attached to a locker door for a unique personal touch
  • Each tile measures 2" by 2 inches, making them attractive gifts for friends or family
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Mold and paint a unique plaster keepsake box for storing lost baby teeth
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