CC - Baby Camping Series

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The Baby Camping Series is a set of baby figures and camping accessories collectible in these cute, fun bags. Seeing what's inside is part of the fun. There are nine figures altogether, including one secret figure. The Baby Camping Series is a set of camping themed baby figures and accessories. Put them together to act out a cute camping scene. Play together with other sets like the Adventure Tree House (sold separately), Lakeside Lodge (sold separately), and the Family Campervan (sold separately) for even more fun. Hopscotch Rabbit Baby with frying pan, Hazelnut Chipmunk Baby with guitar, Beaver Baby with firewood, Tuxedo Cat Baby with bucket, Persian Cat Baby with lantern, Cuddle Bear Baby with corn, Buckley Deer Baby with binoculars, Cottontail Rabbit Baby with bandanna, Secret (a total of 1-2 pieces)

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