PM - Bungalow with Pool

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  • Upgrade your vacation to the Bungalow with Pool! Relax and enjoy the rooftop views or swoop down the slide for a refreshing dip in the private pool
  • While the kids have fun in the water, parents can keep an eye on them while relaxing in the hammock. The perfect getaway for the whole family
  • Set includes two adult figures, two child figures, furnished bungalow with pool, slide, luggage, beachwear, sandals, room key, toiletries, hammock, and other accessories for a great vacation
  • Combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMO Beach Hotel theme for a full-blown vacation adventure (sold separately)

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 20.28in x 15.16in x 4.92in

Weight: 3.46lbs.

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