Create with Clay Dinosaurs

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  • Art, adventure, science and fun all combined for the perfect STEAM experience
  • Bring 3 dinosaurs to life by molding and covering them with colorful clay
  • Kit includes 3 plastic dinosaur skeletons (t-rex 2" w x 3" h x 5-3/8" l, triceratops 1-5/8" w x 2" h x 5" l, stegosaurus 1-5/8" w x 2" h x 5" l), 5 clay colors in red, blue, green, yellow and purple (50g each), modeling tools and wiggly eyes
  • Use the leftover clay to make even more creatures or plants
  • Dinosaurs allow children to both learn and fantasize about prehistoric times through play
  • Fun dinosaur facts also included
  • Ages: 5+
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