PM - Horse Farm

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  • With two stalls and loft area, there is plenty of space to make sure your horses are show ready
  • Each stall opens up into the gated enclosure to allow time to eat and enjoy some fresh air or practice show tricks
  • You can saddle up your horse for a stroll or use the grooming brushes to keep their coats gleaming
  • Choose a name for your horses and personalize their stalls with the customizable nameplates
  • Set includes two figures, two horses, one foal, Cats, squirrels, birds, feeding buckets, water trough, wheelbarrow, grooming brushes, pitchfork, fencing, and many other accessories.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 23.03in x 19.69in x 4.92in

Weight: 3.32lbs.

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