Doinkit Darts Refill

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  • All the fun of darts, but with magnets enclosed safely inside that are powerful holding darts in place but won't harm walls (or hurt children). 
  • Great for all ages and skill levels.
  • Strong, balanced magnets with light space age Doinkit material, makes dart virtually indestructible always flying accurate for optimal dart performance while eliminating sharp point dangers.
  • Durable design keeps the dart flying accurate for optimal dart performance.
  • With Doinkit Dart Refills, darts will become a popular choice among boys and girls with the confidence darts will stay in place but won't harm walls (or hurt children).
  • Includes: Safe Magnetic Darts (3 Each of 2 Colors) Neodymium magnets that work on any magnetic dart board are the finest, well designed, balanced magnetic dart made. 
  • Recommended for Ages 6 & Up

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 9in x 6in x 8in

Weight: 0.5lbs.

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